This is a short historic of how we started this company and where are we now:


The beginning of the road

Andre published his first website for a customer. Webisite was for Agrikor and was built using…..wait for it……Microsoft Word.


Started first e-commerce business

The birth of the www.retailzone.co.za website. This venture was one of the first e-commerce sites to interface with Nedbank en iVeri. Retailzone even used WAP technology which was fairly rare at the time


Officially trading as TISCO MEDIA

Tisco Media under the leadership of Yolande starts trading out of Wilderness specializing in email newsletters and CMS webdesign.


A very innovative company

Today Tisco Media serves several industries with pride and creativity. We host internet marketing seminars to assist SME’s to better understand the opportunities presented by the digital age. We have more than 50 ongoing clients