Social Media

Social Networking

Social media is changing the way we do business.

Social media marketing can build relationships and nurture brands like no other technique. For the first time, companies can connect with their customers in a way that‘s completely personal, responsive and intuitive.

Mastering social media isn‘t easy. You need time, lots of patience, and commitment. You also need expertise over a medium that‘s developing so fast, that ground rules can be hard to decipher.

And that is where TiscoMedia comes in!

We offer much needed social media services such as Social media set-up, Customization and Management.

The Social Media set-up & Customization packages is our base packages on which all other services we provide are built. Using the two most common social media platforms for social media marketing, Facebook and Twitter, we will create, customize, tweak and manage your social network accounts so that you can make use of them effectively.

Services includes:

– Learning all about you and your business to identify your needs
– Developing a comprehensive social media marketing strategy such as what to post about and when to post it.
– Researching what your competitors are doing in these spaces
– Formulating specific and measurable goals
– Creating your personal Facebook and Twitter accounts
– Tweaking each account to best suit your organization’s needs
– Theming each account with custom graphics and landing pages
– Placing social media icons on your website
– Integrating social network widgets on your website to encourage interaction
– Managing your social media accounts. In other words, make posts on your behalf, initiate and participate in engaging conversations, respond to questions, etc.
– Monitoring, tracking and analysing your campaign to continually optimize our  strategy

Social Media Consulting & Custom Campaigns
We offer fantastic add-on services for any and all of your social media marketing needs. We can provide anything from quick consulting tips to fully managed monthly campaigns that include any of these additional services.

Our consulting, training and implementation services include but are not limited to:

– Setting up your YouTube & Flickr (or any other social networking) accounts and integrating them with your Facebook,
– Twitter/Web pages
– Blog design, development and maintenance
– Blog content marketing strategy, implementation and management
– Customized campaigns aimed at promotions, services, etc.
– Writing and distributing articles and press releases
– Writing search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly content
– Viral marketing using sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx, and Reddit
– Creating and/or running contests using social networking accounts
– iPhone and iPad application marketing
– … and much, much more.

Choosing TiscoMedia to assist with your Social Network Marketing will take the stress and worry off your shoulders and enable you to enjoy the results of your wise choice!