Value the customer experience

There is no doubt that our customers are less patient and more demanding today than ever before. Customers are frustrated by the lack of pleasant and intuitive interactions with our digital presence.

If we do not offer pleasant intuitive customer experiences, we will loose those customers and become irrelevant.

Some key aspects of a pleasant digital experience include

  • Ease of use
  • Logical and easy to understand workflow
  • Speed
  • Satisfaction of completion

Ease of use

We need to guard against programmers designing the user interface of our digital presence. Instead of taking a technical approach to designing our customer touch points, we should evaluate how the average user will understand the process and if it makes sense for them. It needs to be easy for your average customer to understand and use

Logical workflow

Instead of designing our processes page per page, we need to look at the real life customer experience and process. An example is; If a customer wants to register n the site, they normally navigate through three or more pages to get to the registration page, then they normally get a confirmation email and activate that. There are then at least 4 webpages and 2 emails involved. Instead of looking at each of these 6 technical pieces individually, we need to evaluate the entire process and make sure it’s easy and logical and integrated.


Well, this is simple.  Customers are less patient and if your process or page takes to long, you will loose them. All touch-points needs be very fast.

In my opinion, your pages needs to load in less than 4 seconds

Satisfaction of completion

A new trend in customer experiences is coming to the front. Customers need small wins and nothing creates a positive feeling like completing something. In our designs and experience, we need to include processes that complete and reward the user. We should steer away from infinite experiences and processes that leave our users and customers wanting.